Tuesday, January 27, 2009


1 cup gram flour
11/2 cup sugar
11/2 cup ghee
1/2 cup water

1.first take heavy bottom vessel and add gram flour. Dry roast it till the nice aroma comes  by stirring constantly. Keep it aside. 

2. Now take cooker or any other heavy bottom vessel and add water .heat it on medium flame.when it is boiling add sugar and cook till it becomes sticky. Mean while heat ghee in a low flame.(heat it through out the making of mysorepak...always add hot ghee while preparing mysore pak)Now add 2 spoons of ghee.

3. Now add gram flour to sugar syrup through a filtered net so that no lumps will be formed.stir it continuosly making sure that there are no lumps formed.

4.Now add some more ghee and Continue the stirring on high flame to lowflame.Do it till it becomes spongy and little bit light golden brown.

5.Take a steel plate and apply ghee to it so that the mysorepak dont stick to it. Pour the entire mixture in to it .

6.Take a knife and apply ghee to it so that cutting the mysorepak makes easier. Cut the mysore pak in desired shape while it is still hot.

Tip: To give a proffesional look to your mysorepak,have chilled water ready to sprinkle on mysorepak after tranferring it in to the plate before cutting. so that holes will be formed.

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